Totally Tykes - Part 3 (SPECIAL EDITION)

The final part of the trilogy story, with the Totally Spies back at the daycare!

RELEASE DATE: September 2, 2022

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This is an ADULTS ONLY comic, meaning it's not meant for people under the adult age of their respected country.


The trilogy of Totally Tykes reaches it's finale with the punished WOOHP agents, and Mandy, endure a rude awakening and changing before they set out back to daycare. There, they meet another child-sized woman, Barbara, who's has a keen eye for Mandy and wants to know her secret to being small. But how did Barbara get small? We're bound to find out as their ageplay of punishment concludes!


  • The comic itself in PDF
  • Clean pages and cover
  • Bonus Art
  • Original Script in PDF


CONTAINS: FF/fffff, half-size, 5 inches, shrinking women, nudity, ABDL themes, ageplay, diaper changing, unaware strength, spanking

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